Winter Essentials for your Four-Legged Family Members

Winter Essentials for your Four-Legged Family Members


South Africa is currently in the middle of winter, and while most parts of the country don’t usually battle snow blizzards and below-freezing temperatures, it can still get very cold!

This is why we’ve tracked down the best winter gear any pet owner could need to keep their animals warm, safe, and happy.

As the temperatures begin to dip, make sure you venture into this cold season with these seasonal must-haves.

A Winter Jacket

This is a winter wardrobe essential because it helps keep your pooch dry, warm, and blocks the freezing wind. But why limit the jackets to only being functional when you can make your pups look fashionable as well?

Petworld has a wide variety of jackets to choose from, including raincoatssweaters and even life jackets for swimming.

It’s important to note that not every dog will need this winterwear: the thicker coats of Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds, for example, make them much more tolerant to the cold, whereas dogs with short and thin hair like Greyhounds, Jack Russels, and Dachshunds are much more sensitive to the cold.


While you might not often be walking in the snow with your dogs, if you do plan on doing so, bring along some booties to protect your pup’s paws.

For top-quality boots, have a look at our range of options with durable padded traction which are ideal for walking on slippery surfaces and going hiking in the mountains.

Booties aren’t for every dog though; some dogs have reacted to their paw accessories in the funniest ways!

Warm Dog Beds or Cat Caves

Winter weather calls for cuddles and comfort! While cats and dogs have their vast differences, this is one thing they can agree on.

Take your pick from a number of fluffy and comfortable dog beds at our store, or let your pup come in to choose their own!

For your feline friend, a fluffy and warm hideaway (or “cat cave”) like the Jack and Vanilla igloo is absolutely perfect for your snuggling kitty.  

Puppy Training Pads

Training pads are not necessarily just for puppies; they can also be a saving grace for situations where dogs feel it is too cold to ‘go outside’.

These training pads won’t leak onto the floor or carpet because of their specially designed layers for extra absorbency. 


Much like their parents, pets love to stay warm and indulge in some comfort food!

Petworld caters for any pet you may have including, cats, dogs, fish, birds, reptiles and other small animals. Visit our online webstore to find an assortment of treats for your four-legged family member.

Don’t let the cold winter weather get in the way of enjoying time with your pets. By having the right gear and products you’ll both be able to enjoy the season.