Petworld Pawfiles: Gimli the Adventuring Shopper

Petworld Pawfiles: Gimli the Adventuring Shopper


At Petworld, your precious pets are our top priority, and we gladly welcome them into our stores so that they can pick out their own treats and toys (or just give us some cuddles)!

Furry customers are our most common visitors, which is why we’ve decided to spotlight them in our Petworld Pawfiles series where we introduce and celebrate the cuties who brighten up our days.

Kicking off our series is Gimli, the 6-year-old miniature schnauzer from Somerset West, who loves to accompany his mom, Nicola van Zyl, to our stores and pick out his own birthday toys.

Nicola describes Gimli as her “super sweet” boy with a world of patience for her to take the perfect Instagram photo (shoutout to all the posing pets out there!).

“He always wants to eat and will do his signature high five for any scrap of food. He can be super sassy when he wants food or if it’s time for a walk,” she said.

Gimli, the goodest boy, is not fussy when it comes to picking out snacks at Petworld, but one of his favourites is the Beeno Mallows which, according to Nicola, look almost good enough for her to try!

“My main motivation for going to Petworld is the variety: I can find Gimli’s grain-free pellets and Vondi’s frozen meals there. I also like that it’s an errand I can run and take him inside with me. I don’t have to first drop him at home and then go. I don't like to leave him in the car,” she said.

“I treat Gimli once a week with Vondi’s and would recommend it to give to your dog as an alternative and as a break from their pellets.”

Gimli loves a great adventure with his humom; his favourite spots include Radloff Park, Steynsrust Dam, and Yzerfontein Nature Reserve.


Schanuzers are named after their square-shaped snouts and magnificent moustaches. The name “schnauzer” comes from the German word schnauze which literally translates to snout.