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Discover the Nutritional Power of Acana: Petworld's Trusted Partner for Premium Pet Food

Welcome to the world of Acana, a brand that has redefined pet nutrition with its "Biologically Appropriate" philosophy. Founded in 1975 by Reinhard Muhlenfeld under Champion Petfoods LP, Acana is committed to creating dog and cat foods that mirror what pets would naturally eat in the wild. This means high meat inclusion from diverse sources, wholeprey ratios for balanced nutrition, fresh or raw meats as top ingredients, low-glycemic carbohydrates instead of potato/rice and added fruits/vegetables/superfoods for natural vitamins/minerals/fiber/antioxidants.

Acana's mission is simple yet profound - to make Biologically Appropriate dog and cat foods from Fresh Regional Ingredients. The brand ensures all ingredients are sustainably raised within their region by trusted partners and approved 'fit for human consumption.' These ingredients are then delivered fresh each day to their state-of-the-art facilities like NorthStar Kitchens in Alberta, Canada (opened in 2009) and DogStar Kitchens located in Kentucky USA (established in 2016).

The commitment towards safe food production practices earned Acana the prestigious Global Markets Programme Award at SIAL Paris 2018. It also holds the distinction of being the first Canadian pet food maker to export to Europe back in 1985.

At Petworld, we're proud to partner with Acana because it aligns perfectly with our values of quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. We offer a wide range of Acana products including dog food, cat food and treats which you can conveniently buy online or purchase at our store.

What sets Acana apart is not just its superior ingredient quality but also how these ingredients translate into tangible benefits for your pets. High-quality proteins support lean muscle mass; diverse meat variety provides essential amino acids; wholeprey ratios ensure balanced nutrition without excessive supplements; fresh or raw meats enhance taste even for picky eaters; low-glycemic carbohydrates help maintain stable blood sugar levels, reducing the risk of diabetes/obesity.

Acana's commitment to making Biologically Appropriate foods from Fresh Regional Ingredients not only ensures superior quality and safety but also contributes towards sustainability by supporting local farmers/fishermen/ranchers. This makes Acana a premium pet food brand with an uncompromising focus on nutritional integrity, ingredient quality, and product safety.

In conclusion, when you shop Acana at Petworld, you're choosing a brand that prioritizes your pet's health while contributing to sustainable practices. Whether it’s Acana dog food deals or cat food discounts you’re after or even special offers on treats - we've got them all! Experience the difference of feeding your pets biologically appropriate meals with Acana today.