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Discover the Delicious World of Barkery Bites - Petworld's Exclusive Partner for Gourmet Dog Treats!

Welcome to the world of Barkery Bites, a South African pet food brand that has revolutionized the way we treat our dogs. Founded by Debbie Behrmann, Barkery Bites was born out of a need for wholesome and nutritious dog treats. Today, it stands as an industry pioneer known for its high-quality, all-natural dog biscuits and treats free from preservatives, colorants or any artificial additives.

Barkery Bites is not just another pet food brand; it's a testament to love and care for pets. The company uses only human-grade ingredients sourced locally from trusted suppliers in their products. Each ingredient is carefully selected based on its specific health benefits - oats provide dietary fiber aiding digestion while honey acts as a natural sweetener packed with antioxidants.

The product range at Barkery Bites goes beyond regular dog biscuits and includes cookies made with beneficial ingredients like peanut butter, honey, carrots and apples among others. But what truly sets them apart are their handmade gourmet dog cakes – making them one of the first companies in South Africa to offer such innovative pet-friendly offerings.

Petworld is proud to partner with Barkery Bites because they align perfectly with our values of providing reliable quality products for pets. Our customers can now buy Barkery Bites dog biscuits online or shop for other treats from this reputable brand at discounted prices during sales or bulk promotions.

In addition to offering great deals on these delicious snacks, Petworld also carries an assortment of flavors in both the biscuit and cake ranges ensuring there’s something tasty available for every canine palate! And if your furry friend has special dietary requirements or preferences? No problem! With custom orders available through Petworld’s partnership with Barkery Bites you can ensure your pet gets exactly what they need!

But perhaps most importantly is how this partnership supports sustainability efforts; all packaging used by Barkery Bites is biodegradable or recyclable demonstrating their dedication towards reducing environmental impact. This aligns with Petworld's commitment to promoting responsible pet ownership and care for the environment.

In conclusion, Barkery Bites is more than just a provider of dog treats; it’s a brand committed towards promoting healthier lifestyles for pets through nutritionally balanced offerings made with love and care. And now, thanks to our partnership, you can easily access these fantastic products at Petworld – making it easier than ever to treat your furry friends in the best way possible!