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Discover the Nutritional Excellence of Burgess for Your Furry Friend at Petworld

Welcome to the world of Burgess Pet Care, a UK-based pet food brand with an impressive legacy spanning over 300 years in the animal feed industry. Originally flour millers, the Burgess family transitioned into producing animal feeds in the late 19th century and have since been committed to improving pet health through nutrition and care.

Burgess is renowned for its superior quality foods that cater specifically to your pets' nutritional needs at every stage of their lives. The brand firmly believes that "the right diet can have a huge impact on a pet’s wellbeing" and this belief is reflected in their dedication towards using only high-quality ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers.

Whether you're looking to buy Burgess Dog Food or shop for Burgess Cat Food online, Petworld offers an extensive range of products from this reputable brand. From dogs and cats to rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, ferrets and hamsters - there's something for every furry friend at our store. Each product line has been meticulously formulated by an expert team consisting of veterinary surgeons, nutritionists and dedicated animal lovers.

One key aspect that sets Burgess apart was when they became one of the first companies to produce extruded rabbit food – revolutionizing rabbit feeding habits across Europe. This innovation underscores their commitment not just towards providing nutritious meals but also enhancing overall pet welfare.

All products under the Burgess banner emphasize naturalness (free from artificial colors & preservatives), balanced nutrition (correct balance between protein, fiber & nutrients) as well as taste satisfaction (ensuring pets love what they eat). Moreover, each product comes with detailed feeding guides based on size or weight ensuring owners provide appropriate portions for optimal health benefits.

Petworld's partnership with Burgess stems from shared values around quality assurance and holistic approach towards pet welfare beyond just providing nutritious meals. A unique value proposition offered by Burgess lies within their 'in-house expertise'. Unlike many other brands who outsource research & development processes; at Burgess everything happens under one roof – allowing them complete control over product quality and innovation.

Burgess Pet Care's market position is solidified by their commitment to animal welfare, with initiatives such as the RAW campaign (Rabbit Awareness Week) which they launched in 2006 to raise awareness about rabbit health & welfare issues. This dedication towards pet nutrition & wellbeing, innovative products and a holistic approach that extends beyond just food makes Burgess a trusted choice among pet owners worldwide.

At Petworld, we are proud to offer our customers access to this reputable brand. Whether you're looking for Burgess Dog Treats and Chews or want to purchase Burgess Rabbit Food online - we've got you covered. Plus, keep an eye out for special discounts on various products from the range! With Burgess Pet Care, you can rest assured knowing your pets' nutritional needs are in good hands.