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Discover the Benefits of Flexi: The Ultimate Leash Partner for Your Active Dog at Petworld!

Welcome to the world of Flexi, a globally recognized brand that has been revolutionizing pet care since 1972. Founded by Manfred Bogdahn, Flexi is renowned for its innovative and high-quality retractable dog leashes. The company's mission revolves around creating durable and reliable products that offer freedom of movement for pets while ensuring control and safety for their owners.

Flexi made history in 1981 when it introduced the first-ever retractable leash, transforming the way we walk our dogs. This groundbreaking invention offered an unprecedented level of flexibility compared to traditional fixed-length leashes. Since then, Flexi has continued to innovate with new product lines such as New Comfort, New Classic, Design Line & Accessories among others.

At Petworld, we are proud to partner with Flexi because they share our commitment towards quality and innovation. We carry a wide range of Flexi Dog Leashes and Accessories which come with several benefits including comfort grip handles making them easy on hands during long walks; tape or cord options depending on size of dog; different lengths up to 8 meters giving dogs plenty of room to explore while still under control; braking system allowing instant adjustment of leash length; reflective components for better visibility at night etc.

What truly sets this brand apart is not just its pioneering role but also its dedication towards maintaining high standards across all aspects - be it design aesthetics or functionality. Their patented technology like Multi Box - a versatile accessory box suitable for storing treats or poop bags; LED Lighting System – an optional feature offering better visibility during evening walks are some unique features you can find in their products.

Moreover, customers have the option to customize their purchases according to personal preference from various colors and designs available in our store. All these factors contribute towards making your shopping experience at Petworld more enjoyable while ensuring your furry friend gets nothing but the best!

Flexi’s focus on continuous improvement through research & development efforts ensures they stay ahead in market trends while meeting customer expectations effectively. Their commitment towards creating 'Made in Germany' products reflects their promise of delivering superior quality which is trusted by millions of pet parents worldwide.

In conclusion, Flexi combines innovation, quality and design to create products that enhance the bond between pets and their owners by making everyday walks more enjoyable. We invite you to explore our range of Flexi Dog Leashes and Accessories at Petworld today!