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Discover the Benefits of Iams: Elevating Your Pet's Health with Petworld

Welcome to the world of Iams, a brand that has been synonymous with superior quality pet food since 1946. Founded by animal nutritionist Paul Iams, this well-established brand has revolutionized the pet food industry with its commitment to enhancing the wellbeing of dogs and cats through balanced nutrition.

Iams' history is marked by innovation and dedication towards improving pet health. In 1950, they developed the first dry dog food made primarily from animal-based protein, setting new standards in the industry. Later in 1969, they introduced their Life Stage approach to pet nutrition – creating tailored formulas for pets at different stages of life.

The mission at Iams revolves around promoting overall health for pets through diet. They believe that appropriate and high-quality nutrition can unlock a significant difference in pets’ health. Their philosophy is "Life’s better with IAMS™", reflecting their commitment towards enhancing pets' lives through optimal nutrition.

At Petworld, we are proud to partner with such an esteemed brand like Iams whose product range includes both cat and dog foods designed according to various needs such as age (puppy/kitten, adult or senior), size (small/medium or large breed) and specific dietary requirements like weight control or hairball care for cats. Each product contains a blend of ingredients including real chicken or lamb as primary sources of protein along with grains and vegetables providing essential nutrients.

One unique feature about Iams products available at Petworld is their ProActive Health formula - it's designed not just to meet but exceed standard nutritional guidelines set by AAFCO (Association Of American Feed Control Officials). This formula aims at improving digestion, building strong muscles due its rich protein content, maintaining healthy skin & coat owing to Omega-6 fatty acids inclusion and supporting heart health because of added taurine.

Another distinctive aspect about this brand lies in its dedication towards research & innovation; they have over 500 patents globally related to advancements in pet dietetics showcasing their continuous efforts towards improving pet health via nutritional science.

In terms of market position, Iams is a globally recognized brand and part of Mars Petcare division. They have a strong presence in various countries across North America, Europe and Asia.

Petworld's partnership with Iams brings you the best quality products that promote overall health for your pets. Their scientifically backed formulas ensure they meet the nutritional needs of pets at every stage of life. Whether you're looking to buy Iams dog food or shop for Iams cat food, Petworld offers an extensive range from this reliable brand. From puppy to senior stages, small breed to large, we've got it all covered under one roof - making it easy for our customers to find exactly what their furry friends need.

So why wait? Start shopping now and give your pets the nutrition they deserve with Iams' high-quality offerings available at Petworld!