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Discover the Benefits of Petworld's Partnership with Montgomery's: Elevating Your Pet's Lifestyle

Welcome to the world of Montgomery's, a brand that has been synonymous with artisanal cheese for over a century. Founded by James Montgomery in North Cadbury, Somerset, England, this UK-based brand is steeped in tradition and committed to producing high-quality cheddar cheese using time-honored techniques.

Montgomery's specializes in an array of products including their flagship product - Montgomery’s Cheddar. This full-bodied cheese boasts deep savory flavors and a slightly sweet aftertaste which develops complexity over time. Each batch reflects subtle differences depending on the season it was produced or how long it has been aged – making every bite unique.

The secret behind the distinctive character of Montgomery's cheeses lies in their traditional cheesemaking methods. They use raw milk from their own herd of 200 Friesian cows and adhere strictly to practices such as using unpasteurized milk, traditional animal rennet, and cloth-binding for aging. These methods not only ensure superior quality but also maintain the authenticity of each product.

A significant milestone for Montgomery's was when they were awarded Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status for their cheddar cheese - a recognition that affirms both its specific standards and geographical origin contributing significantly towards its unique flavor profile.

Beyond just selling directly from their farm shop at North Cadbury Court or supplying delis across Britain, they have expanded internationally while maintaining the integrity of their products. Their commitment extends beyond production; offering guided tours around their dairy where visitors can learn about artisanal cheesemaking process firsthand.

Petworld is proud to partner with such an esteemed brand like Montgomery’s whose values align perfectly with ours – providing top-notch quality products without compromising on sustainability or ethics. Our customers will now be able to buy these exquisite cheeses right here at Petworld stores nationwide or shop online conveniently from home.

All products under the Montgomery’s banner come packed with benefits: natural ingredients sourced locally from sustainable farming practices; no artificial additives or preservatives; rich nutritional content including calcium and protein; plus potential health benefits associated with consuming fermented foods like cheese such as improved gut health.

Montgomery's website provides detailed information about each type of cheese they produce along with serving suggestions – whether pairing with wine, incorporating into recipes, or enjoying on its own. They also have a blog where they share updates about the farm and cheesemaking process.

In conclusion, Montgomery’s is not just a brand but an experience that brings together tradition, quality, and authenticity in every product. Their commitment to traditional methods results in cheeses that are not only superior in taste but carry a sense of heritage. This partnership will undoubtedly bring Petworld customers closer to this unique gastronomic journey.