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Discover the Benefits of Nexgard: Keeping Your Pet Protected with Petworld

Welcome to the world of NexGard, a leading brand in the pet industry that specializes in providing safe and effective flea and tick protection for dogs. Founded by Boehringer Ingelheim, a global pharmaceutical company with over 130 years of history, NexGard has revolutionized parasite control with its innovative products.

NexGard made waves when it introduced the first-ever FDA-approved chewable for dogs that kills both fleas and ticks. This groundbreaking product offers an easy-to-administer oral treatment that eliminates external pests effectively. The flagship offering from this trusted brand is NexGard Chewables which not only kill adult fleas before they lay eggs but also eliminate three types of ticks - Lone Star tick, Black-legged tick, and American dog tick. Notably, these chewables have been proven effective against Deer ticks too – notorious carriers of Lyme disease.

What sets NexGard apart is their commitment to safety and convenience alongside efficacy. Each product undergoes rigorous testing under real-world conditions before being approved for sale ensuring your pets are protected by reliable solutions. All Nexgard products feature a beef-flavored formulation designed to appeal to dogs' taste buds while delivering full-dose protection against pests.

Petworld's partnership with Nexgard stems from shared values around quality care for pets. At Petworld we offer a range of products from this reputable brand including the popular Nexgard Dog Flea and Tick Treatment as well as various sizes of their signature Dog Chewables suitable for all breeds whether small or large.

The benefits extend beyond just pest protection; choosing Nexgard means peace-of-mind knowing your furry friends are safeguarded against potentially dangerous parasites without any mess or inconvenience during application process thanks to its oral administration method.

Moreover, unlike some competitors’ products which may require multiple doses per month – one single dose of any given Nexgard product provides protection for a full 30 days simplifying treatment process while ensuring consistent uninterrupted defense against fleas and ticks.

In essence, NexGard stands as a beacon of innovation in the pet care industry. Their commitment to safety, efficacy, and convenience is evident in their product line-up which offers comprehensive parasite protection that's easy-to-administer and long-lasting. The brand’s unique value proposition lies in providing an effective solution that appeals to both pets (with its tasty formulation) and pet owners (with its hassle-free application), making it a preferred choice for many seeking reliable pest protection for their dogs. At Petworld we are proud to offer our customers access to this trusted brand ensuring happy, healthy dogs and satisfied owners.