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Discover the Benefits of Purl for Your Furry Friend at Petworld: The Ultimate Pet Care Partnership!

Welcome to the world of Purl Soho, a distinguished brand that has been inspiring creativity and fostering craftsmanship since 2002. Founded by two sisters, Joelle and Jennifer Hoverson, along with their friend Page Marchese Norman, Purl Soho began as a quaint yarn shop in New York City's vibrant SoHo neighborhood. Today, it stands tall as an esteemed name in the realm of knitting, sewing, and craft supplies.

Purl Soho is not just about selling products; it's about sharing the joy of handcrafting. The founders firmly believe that creating things by hand brings happiness - a sentiment they wish to spread far and wide. To this end, they offer an array of high-quality materials for various crafts including knitting, crocheting weaving & spinning embroidery & needlepoint patchwork & quilting.

The launch of their online store in 2006 marked a significant milestone for Purl Soho. It allowed them to extend their reach beyond NYC borders and cater to customers worldwide who share their passion for crafting. In addition to offering top-notch products like Purl cat food or dog food online or at discounted rates on bird supplies or small pet essentials sale events – they also provide free patterns on their website encouraging customers to try new projects.

What sets Purl Soho apart is its commitment towards quality and aesthetics across all product offerings – from pure wool yarns such as Worsted Twist and Alpaca Pure under "Purl Soho Yarn" line; cotton blends like Cotton Pure; luxurious cashmere blend Line Weight; silk blends Tussock; linen blend Field Linen among others - each carefully curated keeping customer needs at heart.

Their fabric collection too boasts an impressive range featuring Liberty of London prints Japanese double gauze fabrics organic cottons etc., making them a one-stop-shop for all your crafting needs.

But what truly makes them unique is how they go beyond being just suppliers. They offer detailed tutorials on their website catering to both beginners and advanced crafters, thereby creating a supportive community for craft enthusiasts.

Purl Soho's partnership with Petworld is a testament to the brand's reliability and quality. With Purl products available at Petworld, customers can now buy Purl cat food or shop Purl dog food online with ease. The range of bird supplies and small pet essentials from Purl also ensures that every pet owner finds what they need.

In essence, Purl Soho stands as more than just a brand; it’s an advocate for the joy of handmade creations - offering not only top-quality materials but also inspiration and guidance to those who seek it. Their passion for crafts shines through in every aspect of their business making them a trusted name among hobbyists professionals alike – truly embodying the spirit of handcrafting.