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Discover the Benefits of Petworld's Partnership with Royal Canin - Elevating Your Pet's Nutrition and Health

Welcome to the world of Royal Canin, a brand that has been revolutionizing pet health nutrition since 1968. Founded by French veterinarian Dr. Jean Cathary, Royal Canin was born out of a vision to improve the health and wellbeing of cats and dogs through precise nutritional solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Over its illustrious history, Royal Canin has achieved several notable milestones that have set it apart in the industry. In 1970, they pioneered the first dog food specifically designed for large breeds' unique dietary requirements. By 1980, they had expanded internationally with subsidiaries across three continents – a testament to their global appeal and commitment towards enhancing pet health worldwide.

Royal Canin's dedication towards innovation is evident in their heavy investment into scientific research and development (R&D). With two R&D centers located at Aimargues, France and St Charles Missouri USA respectively; teams work relentlessly on developing cutting-edge products based on rigorous science.

The product range offered by Royal Canin is extensive - from wet and dry foods designed for puppies/kittens all the way up to senior pets as well as therapeutic veterinary diets for pets with specific medical conditions such as urinary issues or obesity. Each formula is crafted using high-quality ingredients that are easily digestible ensuring optimal nutrient absorption while promoting skin/coat health among other benefits.

What sets Royal Canin apart is their focus on breed-specific formulas recognizing that different breeds have distinct dietary requirements due to variations in body structure metabolism etc., hence offering specialized feeds for over twenty dog breeds including German Shepherds Labrador Retrievers Poodles etc., along with seven cat breeds like Persian Siamese Maine Coon etc.

Petworld's partnership with this esteemed brand stems from our shared values of providing top-notch quality products backed by scientific research. Our customers can now buy an array of Royal Canin products ranging from puppy food to kitten food, Breed Health Nutrition Dog Food or Size Health Nutrition Dog Food, and even Veterinary Diet Dog Food. We also offer a variety of Royal Canin cat food options including Breed Health Nutrition Cat Food, Feline Care Nutrition Cat Food, and Veterinary Diet Cat Food.

This partnership not only brings the best in pet nutrition to our customers but also offers them great deals with discounts on Royal Canin dog food and sales on Royal Canin cat food among other promotions.

In addition to providing superior nutrition solutions, Royal Canin actively contributes towards animal welfare initiatives globally via partnerships with various organizations such as Guide Dogs Association World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) Foundation among others.

In essence, when you choose Royal Canin for your pets' nutritional needs, you are choosing a brand that stands for precision and individualized pet nutrition backed by scientific research. Their commitment to understanding breed-specific needs and dedication towards animal welfare make them an ideal partner for Petworld in serving our valued customers.