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Discover the Benefits of Ultra Cat: Petworld's Ultimate Partnership for Feline Health and Happiness

Welcome to the world of Ultra Pet, a leading South African pet care brand that has been serving thousands of customers nationwide since 2004. Born out of a family's love for pets and their well-being, Ultra Pet is dedicated to providing high-quality, nutritious food for cats and dogs. Their mission? To improve the health and happiness of your furry friends through superior nutrition.

Ultra Pet's commitment to quality is evident in every product they offer - from their Ultra Cat Cat Litter to their Dog Training Pads. Each item is designed with your pet’s needs in mind, ensuring they receive only the best care possible. The company prides itself on its integrity and innovation, always striving for customer satisfaction.

One key aspect that sets Ultra Pet apart from other brands is its FSSC 22000 certification – an internationally recognized standard for food safety management systems. This achievement underscores their dedication towards producing safe and reliable products for pets.

Their range includes specialized offerings like the Ultra Dog Special Diet range which caters specifically to dogs with special dietary needs such as weight control or sensitive skin & stomachs. All recipes are scientifically formulated by veterinarians without any artificial colors or flavors.

For feline lovers, there's "Ultra Cat", a line of cat foods designed keeping feline nutritional requirements in mind; including essential nutrients like taurine which supports heart health & vision along with Omega-3 fatty acids that promote healthy skin & coat.

What truly makes all Ultra Pet products unique though is their use of real meat as primary ingredient instead of fillers or by-products often found in other commercial pet foods. They believe this approach provides better taste and more balanced nutrition for pets.

But it doesn't stop at just creating great products; sustainability lies at the core of everything they do – both environmental and social. From sourcing ingredients locally wherever possible reducing carbon footprint while supporting local farmers at same time; moreover actively participating in community initiatives aimed at improving lives of animals beyond just those who consume their products.

We at Petworld are proud to partner with Ultra Pet, a brand that aligns perfectly with our values. Our customers can now buy Ultra Cat Cat Litter, shop for Ultra Cat Dog Training Pads, purchase Ultra Cat Pet Bedding and get great deals on Ultra Cat Small Animal Bedding. We believe this partnership will provide our customers access to affordable yet high-quality pet care products.

In conclusion, what makes Ultra Pet stand out within the crowded pet industry market space isn't just their high-quality products but also their commitment towards improving pet health, supporting local communities and promoting sustainability. With them by your side, you can rest assured knowing your pets are in good hands.