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Discover the Benefits of Ultrum for Your Furry Friend at Petworld

Welcome to the world of Ultrum, a leading South African pet care brand that has carved out a niche for itself in providing high-quality and effective solutions for flea and tick control on dogs and cats. With an unwavering commitment to safety, efficacy, and customer education, Ultrum stands as a beacon of reliability in the realm of pet care.

Ultrum's journey began with a mission - to provide pet owners with dependable solutions against external parasites. Over time, it has built its reputation around highly concentrated formulas that offer long-lasting protection against fleas and ticks. The products are renowned for their quick action – killing adult fleas within an hour of application – while also breaking the breeding cycle by eliminating eggs and larvae.

The product range is diverse yet focused. From Ultrum Plus - a once-a-month topical treatment; Ultrum Ultimate - a long-lasting spray; to Ultick Plus Collar which provides up to 6 months protection against ticks & fleas; each product is tailored to meet different needs. A standout offering from this impressive lineup is "Ultrum Original Shampoo". This flagship product not only kills all stages of the flea life cycle but also leaves pets' coats shiny without any harmful side effects.

A unique aspect across all Ultrum products lies in their commitment towards safety alongside efficacy. All formulations are free from organophosphates (OPs), carbamates or pyrethroids which can potentially harm pets if misused or overdosed.

Petworld's partnership with Ultrum stems from shared values centered around quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Petworld customers now have access to this comprehensive range of top-tier products at competitive prices right at their fingertips! Whether you're looking for individual items like 'Ultrum Dog Flea and Tick Control' or combo packs such as 'Ultimate Care Pack', Petworld offers them all!

In addition to these exceptional offerings, what sets Ultrum apart is its focus on customer education. Their website features detailed FAQs addressing common concerns about flea and tick control, as well as a blog with articles on pet care tips.

In conclusion, Ultrum's value proposition lies in its commitment to providing effective, safe and easy-to-use solutions for flea and tick control. Its comprehensive range of products caters to different needs while ensuring the health and comfort of pets. With Petworld's partnership, customers can now easily access these top-quality products along with valuable information that empowers them to take better care of their beloved pets.