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Discover the Nutritional Power of Versele-Laga: Petworld's Trusted Partner for Optimal Pet Health

Welcome to the world of Versele-Laga, a global leader in pet nutrition with an illustrious history dating back to 1932. Founded by Prudent Versele in Belgium, this visionary brand has evolved from a humble animal feed business into an international enterprise that exports high-quality pet food and accessories to over 85 countries worldwide.

Versele-Laga's mission is deeply rooted in its commitment to creating superior nutrition for pets and farm animals alike. The brand firmly believes that quality nutrition significantly contributes to the health and happiness of all animals - a philosophy encapsulated in their tagline "Nutrition – Health – Well-being". This ethos is reflected across their extensive range of products which include bird food, supplements, cages & accessories; rabbit, guinea pig, hamster & gerbil food; ferret food; rodent & squirrel food; turtle & tortoise food; fish food; reptile supplements as well as cat litter products and dog snacks and biscuits.

A pioneer within the industry, Versele-Laga was one of Europe’s first companies to produce extruded pet foods - a process enhancing digestibility while reducing waste. Their dedication towards innovation extends beyond product development through research partnerships with universities and breeders across Europe.

Each product line reflects Versele-Laga's deep understanding of specific dietary needs associated with different species or breeds. They emphasize natural ingredients sourced globally from trusted suppliers ensuring rigorous quality control at each stage from sourcing raw materials through production until packaging.

Beyond manufacturing excellence, Versele-Laga actively supports numerous projects aimed at protecting endangered species and promoting biodiversity such as Loro Parque Fundación (LPF) project for parrot conservation or Pro Natura initiative focused on preserving local wildlife habitats.

Petworld is proud to partner with such a reputable brand like Versele-Laga whose values align perfectly with ours. We offer our customers access to an extensive range of specialized products catering specifically for their beloved pets' nutritional needs. This partnership ensures our customers receive high-quality products that contribute positively towards their pets' health and well-being while supporting environmental conservation.

Whether you're looking to buy Versele-Laga bird food, shop for supplements, or get a discount on cages & accessories; whether you want to purchase rabbit food or order hamster & gerbil food; whether it's time to stock up on turtle & tortoise food or fish food - Petworld is your one-stop-shop for all things Versele-Laga.

In conclusion, Versele-Laga stands out due to its comprehensive approach towards pet nutrition, commitment to quality and innovation as well as its active role in promoting animal welfare and biodiversity. We invite you to explore the world of Versele-Laga at Petworld – where every product is a testament of love for animals.