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Boyu Super Sponge Filter Large

R 169.90


The SF-102 super sponge biochemical multi-functional filter is a low flow, air-driven, the biochemical sponge filter that can easily be attached to almost any air pump size or most filtration, whether external, trickle or submersible to increase oxygen and filtration in your aquarium. So easy to use, the sponge filter connects directly to the inlet pipe for a tank that sparkles. A heavy bottom ensures that the sponge filter remains stable, especially during the aeration and filtering process and the specially contoured sponge made of fine foam cultivates high levels of bacteria. A popular choice with aquarists, thanks to the low power consumption, easy maintenance, reduced noise levels and versatile functionality, the sponge filter can also serve as a pre-filtration unit. The sponge filter with its combination of mechanical and biological filtration is ideal for tanks with a capacity of up to 150 litres. So, apart from being the wise choice for use in breeding, it also offers many other solutions for your aquarium! || * Dimensions: 77 x 77 x 240mm | * Tank Size: Up to 150L | * Oxygen Increase | * Co | * Breeding Tanks Use | * Cost Effective | * Easy Fitting | * Reduces Noise | * Model: SF-101

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