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Kyron Protexin Soluble

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Support the health and balance of beneficial bacteria in your pet’s intestine with this palatable, 7-strain, Protexin Soluble, probiotic powder that contains live, heat and acid resistant, natural organisms. | It’s ideal for all pets including cats, dogs, rodents, piglets, lamb and cattle, even if they are pregnant or lactating. It should be given soon after birth for the correct balance of microflora in the digestive system, and should be used during and after antibiotics. | Use it before, during and after stress situations like changes in diet, transportation, environment and surgical procedures, as it aids in the control and prevention of diarrhoea. | This completely natural biological product is a marvel - it boosts immunity and helps pets to resist the effects of stress and infections. | | * Probiotic powder | * Contains natural organisms | * Pet-safe for all animals | * Before and after antibiotics | * Before, during, after stressful situations | * Boosts immunity | * Prevents, controls diarrhoea | * Natural biological product | * Aids with gut stress and infections | * Add to milk, water, milk replacer or over food | * Quantity: 250 g

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