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Westermans Growing Mash

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Growing poultry require a specialised feed to optimise healthy growth. This scientifically formulated growing mash is suitable for a range of juvenile poultry that can be fed up until the point of laying eggs. The formula is naturally high in protein to optimise growth of muscle mass and has a lower calcium content than regular feeds. The 5kg pack contains a blend of wheat, sunflower crushed maize and other premium ingredients that are cleaned and sorted to remove dust and impurities. Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals the feed is absorbed well by the body and is formulated to enhance digestion and overall vitality as your poultry matures.|| * Quantity: 5kg | * Suitable feed for young poultry 6 - 20 weeks of age | * High in protein | * Lower calcium than regular laying feed | * Cleaned and sorted to remove dust and impurities

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