Our Four Best Accessories For Wild Birds

Our Four Best Accessories For Wild Birds

Vannessa le Roux

As the seasons are changing and the days are becoming warmer, it’s always nice to sit outside and keep an eye on what nature is up to. Birdwatching is a great pastime for many of us, it can be strangely exciting but serene at the same time. Wild birds are all around, but it’s always best when they’re in close vicinity, so, here are some accessories you can use to lure them in closer.

Much Needed Shade

You can invite some of the most beautiful South African wild birds into the shade during the hot summer months with this shelter. Birds will feel safe while they enjoy the feeding tray at the centre of their little gazebo, creating perfect bird-watching opportunities.

Keep Them Busy With Treats

Suet will always be a winner for any bird species. With this suet tower, all kinds of different birds will flock to the beautiful space that you’ve created for them. The tower is easy to refill and the catchment tray will keep the surrounding area clean.

Enough Treats For All

A treat bell is always an excellent way to attract birds and keep them busy at the same time. The convenient perch will allow them to rest under the shade while they feed on the hundreds of seeds around the bell. The bell contains a wide range of seeds that will attract a variety of different bird species. Because it’s so lightweight, the bell can be hung up just about anywhere in your space to create a true paradise for wild birds!

Keep Them Hydrated

During the heat of the summer, birds will always look for a place to cool down. Whether it’s just for a sip of water or a place to splash around and keep themselves cool. Either way, this bird water font is the perfect solution, and it will be a dream come true for any wild birds in the nearby area looking to stay cool!