Kim Irwin

Animals sense approaching storms long before we get hit with the actual thunder and lightning. It sure is very, very frightening when you are not able to communicate your concerns with your human. The rumblings in the clouds and flashing beams of light from the heavens are an overwhelming mystery to your furry friend. 

No parent feels at ease witnessing their fur baby in distress, so here are some tips to help your anxious pet feel safer and more secure while riding out the loud weather:

  • Allow your pet to be drawn to a place inside your home where they feel most comfortable. Also make sure that all windows are closed and curtains are drawn so that the scary thundering and cracking is somewhat muted.

  • Take this opportunity to hang out and spend quality time with your best buddy. Pamper time! Bring out the bristles and brush away the storm phobia. Braids and bows may look rather ‘fetching’.

  • Create a calm and tranquil atmosphere by spritzing some soothing lavender oil around the chosen chill zone.

  • If your little one is especially freaked out by the loud noises, try to drown them out with a bit of white noise or music. Research has shown that classical music, in particular, can have a calming effect on puppers and drastically reduce their stress levels.

  • Swaddle your fur-baby up in a blankie. They will feel nurtured and it could also possibly reduce any static shock that may build up in their fur.

  • Lastly, if none of these techniques work then you may need to call in the big guns: some calming meds will surely help put your pup’s stress at ease.

Remember to relax. This storm too shall pass.